Symbiosis School of Photography


Vishal Bhende, Director of Symbiosis School of Photography

At SSP, we continue the Symbiosis tradition of over 40 years of educational excellence and commitment to preparing our students for a rewarding career in the visual arts and Photography. The visual image lies at the center of how todays culture perceives and communicates itself through photography, video and graphic design media utilized in virtually every industry.

At SSP our objective is to successfully educate and graduate professional image-makers with the technical, artistic and business skills necessary for success. The program is presented through a combination of intimate classroom lectures and demonstrations, practical hands-on assignment work in studios and labs, and real-world experience through the fulfillment of actual contract work for clients. This hands-on approach makes our graduates responsible, resourceful and accomplished. Our degree programs emphasize the essential combination for success as a visual/media artist and communicator: a balance between technology, art and science, business and practice.

To fulfill our goals, we use only the most up-to-date technology, highly experienced and qualified staff, and a logical and realistic set of standards and processes, providing each of our students the tools they need to succeed. With persistence and determination to succeed, our commitment to help, and our shared passion about visual imagery, an exciting educational experience awaits those that join SSP.

Upon completion of our program, graduates can expect to open their own photographic business in the competitive marketplace of today's professional imaging industry.